Federal Lobbying

Federal Lobbying

Calmetto employs seasoned Federal lobbyists, each with track records of success and each who are well-connected in Washington, DC. We use this expertise and these connections to ensure that our clients' interests are well represented in the policy and regulatory arenas. Our lobbying services are tailored to the specific needs of our clients and can range from regular meetings with key policy-makers and agency officials, monitoring legislative and regulatory developments or providing clients specially-prepared "intelligence reports."

Facilitate Interaction with Elected-Officials:

Our clients often want to tell their own story to their specific elected-officials. Calmetto Government Relations uses our well-placed connections to set up face-to-face meetings. Additionally, our staff provides the background materials our clients want and need and are available to serve as escorts to Capitol Hill.

Political Action Committee Formation/Management:

More than ever, companies are seeking to become involved politically via fundraising and campaign contributions. Calmetto Government Relations is able to help those seeking to set up a Political Action Committee (PAC) to do so and then manage it once it is operational. We employ staff who are well-versed in campaign law and who regularly monitor each of our clients’ PACs to ensure proper compliance.

Reporting on Policy and Regulatory Developments:

Here at Calmetto Government Relations, we ensure that each of our clients is fully up-to-speed on the latest developments on the policy and regulatory areas that matter most to them. Often times, the well-placed connections of our staff enable us to disseminate this information earlier than that which would be available to the general public.

General Consulting:

There are no ends to the interests our clients might maintain in regard to government relation services. Calmetto Government Relations is able to assist with such individualized priorities to ensure that all of our clients’ needs are met.