Why Calmetto

Calmetto Government Relations does things differently than most of our contemporaries. Our advocacy strategies change as the times and realities warrant. Unlike other firms, we do not simply employ a “cookie cutter” approach used for each of our clients. And most importantly, all of our clients receive the same level of attention, regardless of the amount of revenue that each generates.

As a small boutique firm, we are able to put our clients’ needs first. We understand that each has their own objectives and priorities and that is why we strive to provide personalized services and individual attention.

We are a results driven firm that ensures that each of our client’s needs is met. We understand how business is done in today’s lobbying environment and react accordingly. We always maintain a philosophy that our success comes only when our clients are happy. Lastly, we issue a commitment to provide exceptional client service at a fee structure that is affordable for companies of all sizes.